Pin Code Door Lock

Protect your home with us. We offer you the best solutions to make you feel safer at your home. A home is where you and your loved ones should feel sa...

Protect your home with us. We offer you the best solutions to make you feel safer at your home. A home is where you and your loved ones should feel safe and happy. You can start making your home with door locks. Smart door locks are becoming popular as the technology brings new innovations to homes. You don’t need to carry your keys to get in your home. You can have multiple ways to have an access to your home with smart door locks. They are totally safe and protect any stranger to get in your home. Pin code or card door locks are becoming quiet popular and they are easy to use. You can monitor your door with The Assure Lock. Smart Mortice Locks allows you to your RFID cards, Pin codes or your fingers prints to get in your home. It increases the pace. So, you can safely and quickly get into your home when you have an emergency.

Indoor Wifi Camera for Home

Indoor WiFi cameras the are easiest way to see what is going on in your home when you are away. You can still protect your home even when you are away. You can have a conversation with kids or your quests with the ability to talk through cameras. They do live viewing, so you can feel at peace even when you are traveling. Indoor cameras has motion detection and they give you notifications when they alert a move in your home. You can add SD cards or link to our Smart CCTV DVR to back up all the recordings. Our WiFi cameras allowed to be controlled by apps. Wifi camera for home users feel safe. They have night vision and automatically can be activated during night. You can also image masking when there is an activity happening in a specific area.

Mirror Glass Door Lock

Smart door locks are truly a life saver. Smart door locks are designed for internal and also external glass doors. They have an touch pad. This touch pad has a mirror look, so it creates a privacy when you are entering your code. Glass door locks work with Pin codes and with RFID cards. It is possible to use remote to access your glass door locks. They are suitable for right and left side of door openings. Minimum pin code length is 4. You can set a pin code up to 12 digits. Up to 20 users can use proximity cards.

Alarms for Home

A security alarm is a must for a home. Yale Home alarms lets you protect your home even when you are away. Self-monitored home alarms can make your family feel safer at home. SR Series Alarm Kits can be the life saver for you. You can include additional accessories like lamp, radio, power switch. You can include PIR Camera that allows you to view your home through smartphone. You can count on Yale Home to feel safer. It is so easy to protect your home with high technology security systems. Yale Home brings you new innovations to make your home safer.

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